The Richest Woman on the Planet

My youngest is turning two today! She’s my little shadow these days, following me everywhere I go, chattering my ear off, getting into everything her little hands can find.

I was going through some old pics yesterday, looking for inspiration for this blog post (which in truth, probably would have been best suited for a Throwback Thursday post) and came across some gems from when her sister was her age. The resolution is grainy (thank you, first generation iPhone), but the memories – and the similarity between these two sweeties – is priceless. Check it out.

two years old toddler terrible twos

two years old toddler terrible twos golden retriever


Kids make your life chaotic. They make your wallet lighter. They exhaust you in ways you never knew you could be exhausted, and they’ll keep you from getting a decent night’s sleep for basically the rest of forever.

But, oh my Lord are they worth it. Every sacrifice, every frustration, every bit of anger (yes, anger) and weariness is made up with sloppy kisses and dandelion bouquets and scribbled drawings. But most of all, the unconditional love and fearless trust that my kids place in me (not just the younger gals, but the older boys, too)…those are the things that make my heart swell, that make me feel like the richest woman on the planet.