Das Bug

The stomach flu. Say it with me:


#thriftythursday is nada this week because of this nasty little bug. I was SO stoked about Third Thursday #thriftaton, too! Oh, well – there’s always next month. If you were planning on getting your thrift on tonight, I hope you’ll still post with the #thriftathon hashtag! Otherwise, we’ll use the next thirty days or so to get super-pumped about next month’s outing.


Next week is Christmas. Can you even believe it? HOPEFULLY everybody in my house will be well before the weekend hits, with all the family parties and fun! 99% of my shopping is done, and almost all of the gifts have been wrapped, which means it’s perfectly acceptable for me to go curl into a ball on my bed and whimper while my tummy makes sounds no tummy should ever make.

Wishing you a healthy Thursday,


p.s. If you have any thrifting finds from this past week, post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #thriftythursday! Seeing your bargains will make me feel better. Kinda like laughter – bargains are good medicine. *grin*



You’re Invited…


…to the Third Thursday Thriftathon!

Thrifting is great, and it’s even better when you do it with friends! Third Thursday Thriftathon is an excuse to get out and get your thrift on with your buddies.

What you do:

Call your friends. Make plans to meet at a local thrift/secondhand/flea market on the third Thursday of December (Dec 19). Shop till you drop. While you’re at it, take pictures – you and your crew, awesome things you find, scary things you find (oh, yeah), and that perfect something you just can’t live without. After you’re done shopping, go get food. While you’re waiting for your sustenance to arrive, share those pics on FB, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtag #thriftathon!

Have loads of second-hand fun – I can’t wait to share the good times with you!



#thriftythursday – Holiday Fashion

#thriftythursday – Holiday Fashion

It’s Thursday, people, which means it’s time to get THRIFTY! Did you make a trip to your local flea market or thrift shop this past week? Did the Thrifty Fates smile on you? Tell me about it here, then pull out your camera phone and post pics on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram using the hashtag #thriftythursday.

This week I stumbled upon some holiday fashion – a little for my home, and a little for me! A pair of charming glass Christmas trees are now happily perched on the sideboard in my dining room, and a really pretty gold-toned dress (that in all honesty will probably never see the light of day) is now hanging in my closet. I don’t have to feel bad about that, because it was only $5! *woot, woot*

HEY. You know what kindof looks like #thriftythursday? THIS: #thirstythursday. #thriftythursday, #thirstythursday. They’re like twins, separated at birth. Separately, they’re their own thing, but when you get ’em together, it’s like….YES!

Since #thriftythursday and #thirstythursday go together like milk and cookies, this week I’m going to pair my bargains with a celebratory drink recipe. I have mojitos on my mind, thanks to a fabulous engagement party the Hubster and I attended a couple weeks ago. Also, Hemingway had a fondness for this minty-rum concoction, and since he was a writer and I’m a writer we’re basically besties separated by a few generations…right? Right? Him, me, and Nick Miller.

Annnnnyway. Mojitos. Here’s the recipe:


Thanks for popping in! Love,