#BOOKIEMONSTERS: Book Nerd Roll Call! What Are You Reading?

bookiemonsters4Hello and howdy #bookiemonsters! Time for our weekly Army of Shafer book nerd roll call!

What are you reading this week? Do you love it? Hate it? Tell me all about it in the comments, and if you’re feeling especially ambitious, post links to the book so everybody can check it out!

I’m currently re-reading Outlander. The Hubster is very kindly watching the series with me, and since it’d been awhile since I read it I thought I’d pick it up and see how it compares with the show. So far I feel like the two compliment each other beautifully!

I’m also eager to get my hands on The Writer’s Coloring Book – I think it will help me with a new story I’m working on (working title: HYPOCRITES).

My TBR pile is ever growing (a problem I’m sure many of you can relate with), but I’m looking forward to finally picking up The Signature of All Things. A sweet reader-turned-friend sent me a copy about a lifetime ago and I still haven’t opened it (#bookfriendcrime). Will start it after I finish Outlander.

I’m also looking forward to reading some advance copies from some of my favorite Indie authors…will give you more details after the reading has happened. 🙂


Work on RECKONING is coming along well! I finally finished going through my editor’s notes, and am doing one final read-through before I send it back to her. We’re getting closer! One of my favorite scenes so far involves Hamilton and Rein reminiscing about their days in the Guard (which may or may not have included some cross-dressing shenanigans).

Thanks for popping in this week, #bookiemonsters! As always, all my love,



Liar, Liar, Grumpy Pants On Fire

School started. Which means that for the first time in months I’ve been able to sit down and write.

I know I promised y’all RECKONING at the end of the summer. I lied. I didn’t know I was lying at the time, but there it is. The good news is, now that school is in session my writing routine should get its sea legs back. With any luck I’ll fly through the rest of these edits in no time flat.

No way in hell am I promising any sort of date again with this book. I’m getting a little superstitious about it. I will put a date out there when the damn thing is finished.

That last paragraph was grumpy. I’m sorry. Clearly I’m caffeine/chocolate deficient. Somebody call 911. Or just send Starbucks gift cards and Peanut M&M’s.

Guess what? This guy finds his way into the pages of RECKONING. I hope you like him as much as I do.


That’s all I’ve got for you today, my lovelies. I hope you can forgive me for being so absent, and for how frigging long it’s taking me to finish this book.

As always, all my love,


Life Happens

We’ve all been there, right? Trucking along, thinking we have it all under control, and then wham! 

We realize we don’t. And at that moment we can either let the hard, unsignalled left turns of life throw us into a tailspin, or we can pull up our big girl panties and just get on with it.

I choose to just get on with it.

You guys, I’m so sorry, but RECKONING won’t be ready to publish until summertime. It’s nobody’s fault – life just happened and the editing process is taking a little longer than I’d expected. I hope you’ll hang on with me for a few more months to find out what happens next in Aydan and Rein and Brig’s lives – and so much happens. I think it will be worth the wait, but I’m a little biased…

I’ll try to make the wait easier in the meantime. I’m planning some giveaways, and I’ll post some excerpts (the non-spoilery sort), along with a surprise or two while we count the days.

giveaway graphic

The first giveaway is happening NOW over on my Facebook page (click here). Super easy to enter – all the deets will be on the post with the picture you see on the left. My giveaways are always a surprise – I never spoil what’s in the package – but I think you’ll like it!

Loads of love,