MAKE IT, EAT IT: Chocolate Milk Mix

The other day we had a chocolate milk emergency. As in, there was no chocolate syrup in the house from which to make chocolate milk. And it was one of those stupidly cold days that make you want to spend the day under an electric blanket reading a good book – not traipsing to the grocery for chocolate syrup.

But a certain almost three-year-old I know had taken a tumble down the stairs and the only thing that would fix her boo-boo was a little glass of chocolate milk.

So I did what any good mom would do – I went to Pinterest (how was I even human before Pinterest??). With the click of a few buttons I had about a gazillion chocolate milk mix recipes in my hands.

<enter happy dance here>


1/3 C. Cocoa Powder

2/3 C. Powdered Sugar

Pinch of salt

Mix that stuff up with a whisk, put it in a jar, toss a spoonful or two into a glass of milk, and VOILA!