*UPDATE* It seems I jumped the gun a little – the covers haven’t updated on Amazon, iBooks, or Barnes & Noble yet. Fingers crossed they will soon! 

HANNA, HANNA, ONE-and-TWO has had a facelift. Check it out below!

HH1+2 New Digi Cover

The new cover is not yet available on the paperback version yet – I will let you know when it is!

Loads of love,



Dear Internet Peoples,

I really want you to read my books. If, for whatever reason (seriously, any reason at all, even if that reason is you just hate paying for stuff) you find yourself tempted to download any of my books from a piracy site,

STOP. Don’t.

Instead, get ahold of me (see the ‘connect’ tab at the top of this page? Click there) and let me know. I’d be happy to give you a digital copy of one of my books on the house and here’s why it’s infinitely cooler to get ’em that way instead of pirating them:

*You can tell your friends the author gave you this book ‘cuz we’re hella tight (more integrity in this white lie than stealing my books).

*You don’t have to worry about malware or someone scamming your credit card #.

*You can walk around with that Hey, I Didn’t Steal Something From An Artist Today glow.

*Reading is awesome; reading a book that was given as a gift is double awesome.

This is a No Strings Attached offer – I’m not asking for reviews (although I do love a good review more than chocolate, and that’s saying something) or for you to tell everybody you know about my books (but if you feel compelled I’m certainly not going to stop you). I just want for you to have a way to get your hands on my stuff without having to support a crappy underground industry to do it. And who knows? Maybe you’ll buy the next one.

I hope you’ll take me up on this, Internet Peoples.

As always, loads of love,


Back Pain, Schmack Schmain

Bookiemonster book giveaway

I hurt my back last week. Again. And now, after a week of hobbling around and playing the up-and-down game of feeling a little better, pushing myself a little too hard, feeling a little worse, slowing waaaay down to feel a little better again,

I’m annoyed. And frustrated. And bored. And in desperate need of a little self-imposed happiness.

Know what makes me happy? When people give books as gifts. Know what else makes me happy? When people read my books. Know what happens when you add those two things together?


*uses best Oprah voice*


*throws confetti*

For the next few days all of my books can be downloaded for FREE from Smashwords (click here) using these codes:

SHRILUGH (Book One of the Shrilugh Saga): HF43S

THE DARKENING (Book Two of the Shrilugh Saga): ED96Y


Pick them up for yourself, give them as gifts, tell your friends about them. Share the happy! And I will just be here, icing my back with a little grin on my face because it feels like a little victory to do something positive in spite of feeling crap-tastic.

As always, loads of love,