Guest Post: You in 10 Words! by Ginger Calem

Today I’m tickled pink to have my sweet friend Ginger Calem (who also happens to be Little Miss Took’s cyber-auntie) guest posting.  Ginger is a rockstar in my book for so many reasonsbut the thing I love most about her is that there hasn’t been a week since we’ve met that she hasn’t put a smile on my face.

Today Ginger wants to get to know you…in ten words.  No more, no less.  Here, she’ll explain.


I’ve been taking part in an amazing online workshop about branding, building a platform and blogging which is being taught by Kristen Lamb, who wrote We Are Not Alone and Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer.

One of the first exercises was to make a list of 100 words that can be used to define us.  Some people really struggled, some didn’t. Eventually, I think we all got the hang of it.

The exercise fascinated me.  As I read through my classmates’ lists I saw so many similar words and I saw words I wished I’d thought of (and I did add them to my master list — I’m not above sharing notes!)  What was so great is that you can really get an overall feel for a person in the mass of words they used to describe themselves.  I even thought it would work fabulously as a dating service technique, but I digress and I’d like to assure my darling husband that I won’t ever be needing a dating service … he’s totally stuck with me!

I’ve already connected with a lot of my classmates.  I have great new friends.  When I read their 100-list I thought, ‘well, no wonder we get along’!

I thought it would be fun to really narrow the scope and give myself 10 words, only 10 to define me.  Oh, and let’s leave off the obvious ones (mother, wife, friend, sister, etc.) I’ll give you my 10 if you give you yours.  It’s fun, I promise.

You only have 10 words to tell someone ‘who you are’!

Ginger’s Ten:  Writer – Fitness – Strength – Loyal – flip-flops – competitive – Wine – Smartass – Cooking – Christian

Ok, that was actually hard, 10 not enough words!!  But now it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments what your 10 words are!


Alright, you heard her!  Get crackin’ on your ten words!  And after you’ve left them in the comments, hop over to Miss Ginger’s blog – she’s a fabulous writer.  You won’t be disappointed, promise!

(And just in case you’re wondering, here are my ten words:  Barefoot, Happy, Creative, Unorganized, Protective, Sharing, Hopeful, Smart-ass, Friendly, Puddle-jumper.

And I agree with Ginger.  10 words is not enough!)