Secret (and awkward) Dreams


Okay, alright.

I confess.

I love Dancing with the Stars.

I love all the sparkly. I love all the music. I love how Carrie always seems to be a few sheets to the wind. I love Mr. Cranky-Pants Len and the ever-loud Bruno. I love it all.

Not only do I LOVE Dancing with the Stars, but I wish (OH HOW I WISH I WISH I WISH) that I could be on Dancing with the Stars.

There are a couple of issues with that little dream of mine, the biggest being fairly obvious: It’s called Dancing with the STARSnot Dancing with STAY AT HOME MOMS WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE OBSCURE AUTHORS.


It’s really a shame, though. Because I’m pretty sure I’d walk away with that fabulous shiny mirror ball trophy, and my dancing partner (Tony Dovolani, of course!) would turn out to be the brother I never had, and our families would take vacations together.

*double sigh*

While I know I probably have a better chance of sprouting a third eye that can see straight into people’s souls, it’s still a fun little dream to have. Kindof like how when I was a kid I wanted to jump horses off platforms just like that girl in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Never gonna happen, but fun to think about while I fall asleep at night.


Now it’s your turn to confess – what’s your secret awkward dream?