Dad’s Not Allergic to Awesome.

The girls and I went to the mall on Friday, to hunt down the ever-elusive perfectly fitting skinny jeans (which, by the way, we found. VICTORY!)


On the way home, the conversation turned to pets.

SweetZ: Why don’t we have a cat?

Me: We already have six animals, honey. We don’t need another one.

SweetZ: But none of them areΒ my animal.

Me: I can share Abby and Ginger with you.

SweetZ: But they’re not cats.

Me: Well, that’s true.

SweetZ: I want a cat. An orange one. I will name her Peaches and she will be awesome and fluffy.

Me: But Daddy is allergic to cats.

SweetZ: What’s allergic?

Me: Allergic is when something makes your skin all itchy and you sneeze a lot.

SweetZ: Oh. That won’t be a problem [she pronounces this PLOB-blem] because Dad’s not allergic to awesome.

allergictoawesomeHey, Hubster – how’re you gonna argue with that?