#BOOKIEMONSTERS: Book Nerd Roll Call! What Are You Reading?

bookiemonsters4Hello and howdy #bookiemonsters! Time for our weekly Army of Shafer book nerd roll call!

What are you reading this week? Do you love it? Hate it? Tell me all about it in the comments, and if you’re feeling especially ambitious, post links to the book so everybody can check it out!

I’m currently re-reading Outlander. The Hubster is very kindly watching the series with me, and since it’d been awhile since I read it I thought I’d pick it up and see how it compares with the show. So far I feel like the two compliment each other beautifully!

I’m also eager to get my hands on The Writer’s Coloring Book – I think it will help me with a new story I’m working on (working title: HYPOCRITES).

My TBR pile is ever growing (a problem I’m sure many of you can relate with), but I’m looking forward to finally picking up The Signature of All Things. A sweet reader-turned-friend sent me a copy about a lifetime ago and I still haven’t opened it (#bookfriendcrime). Will start it after I finish Outlander.

I’m also looking forward to reading some advance copies from some of my favorite Indie authors…will give you more details after the reading has happened. 🙂


Work on RECKONING is coming along well! I finally finished going through my editor’s notes, and am doing one final read-through before I send it back to her. We’re getting closer! One of my favorite scenes so far involves Hamilton and Rein reminiscing about their days in the Guard (which may or may not have included some cross-dressing shenanigans).

Thanks for popping in this week, #bookiemonsters! As always, all my love,



MAKE IT, EAT IT: Not Your Granny’s Grilled Cheese

Normally when I hit the kitchen to make my family a meal I do it with my kids in mind. The gag-force is strong with one (cue The Imperial March), another one is lactose intolerant, one turns her nose up to anything that isn’t a chicken nugget, and one (and bless him he’s officially my favorite) will eat anything I put in front of him.

But sometimes I get tired of spaghetti (okay, like always. I officially loathe spaghetti). And sometimes I want something with cheese in it (Lactaid was invented for a reason, right?). And sometimes I want something with actual flavor that also looks delicious (but only to a grown-up’s eyes, because grown-ups and kids have WAY different ideas of what ‘delicious’ actually looks like).

Enter this most supremely fantastically amazingly delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Apple-smoked Gruyere cheese. Shallots sautéed in butter with fresh thyme. Fresh bread toasted to perfection. Comfort food on ‘roids that three out of my four kids hated, but that the Hubster and I devoured like dogs on the brink of starvation.

I love this recipe as-is. The author of the blog I found it on suggested some changes, but I found no need. It’s not a quick recipe, so just don’t rush it and you’ll be fine (her concern was the low burning point for butter. If you cook at a moderate heat you’ll be okay and it’s BUTTER, so it’s totally worth the wait). My only big suggestion is this: Make sure to buy a little more Gruyere than you need because you will nibble on it while you work.

We ate our with creamy tomato soup and an apple-cucumber salad (with a side of Lactaid for one of the natives), but honestly I would have been completely happy devouring it sans all that stuff. It’s just. So. Good.

I hope you give this recipe a shot. Click here for the full tutorial.

Loads of love,