MAKE IT, EAT IT: Breakfast Cookies

I’m always on the hunt for good breakfast foods that I can make ahead for the kiddos. Since we have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to send them on their way for school, it’s super important to me that they eat something decent for breakfast – not just a quick sugary cereal.  But since I resemble something like a kind-of drunk, very cranky Shreck first thing in the morning, cooking can be a tricky feat. Making stuff the night before helps with that, a ton. (So does coffee. Loads of the stuff.)

These brekkie cookies are a fantastic solution to my brain-dead before six a.m. problem. Not only are they full of good-for-you fat, protein, and whole grains, but they taste amazing. And since they keep super-well, I can make them the day before (as long as I’m clever enough to hide them from the family, otherwise they tend to disappear). Hear me when I say: YOU NEED THESE COOKIES IN YOUR LIFE.

I’m posting a link to this recipe since I pretty much use it as-is. I only made a couple changes to the recipe (see below), and they were minimal, so it’s hardly fair to call this recipe mine.


*I use raw honey instead of brown sugar.

*I bake the cookies in a mini-muffin tray instead of on a cookie sheet.

*This isn’t really a modification, but I used coconut oil for my oil source.

Click here to give these lovelies a try. They really are fantastic, feel-good, good-for-you food.




MAKE IT, EAT IT: Chocolate Milk Mix

The other day we had a chocolate milk emergency. As in, there was no chocolate syrup in the house from which to make chocolate milk. And it was one of those stupidly cold days that make you want to spend the day under an electric blanket reading a good book – not traipsing to the grocery for chocolate syrup.

But a certain almost three-year-old I know had taken a tumble down the stairs and the only thing that would fix her boo-boo was a little glass of chocolate milk.

So I did what any good mom would do – I went to Pinterest (how was I even human before Pinterest??). With the click of a few buttons I had about a gazillion chocolate milk mix recipes in my hands.

<enter happy dance here>


1/3 C. Cocoa Powder

2/3 C. Powdered Sugar

Pinch of salt

Mix that stuff up with a whisk, put it in a jar, toss a spoonful or two into a glass of milk, and VOILA!


Make It, Eat It: The Butter Noodles

They’re not just butter noodles. They’re THE butter noodles. Simple and delicious and kid friendly (even my pickiest eater is willing to snarf this stuff down.

I love this recipe because it incorporates veggies that make me think of summer – yellow and zucchini squash. So delish. Lookit:


You want it RIGHT NOW, don’t you? Me, too. Here’s the recipe, from my table to yours.


1 lb pasta (I vary what I use depending on my mood. The kids prefer spaghetti.)

6 T. Butter

1/2 Red onion, minced

8 Cloves of garlic, minced

A large bunch of basil (chopped, and OH LORD THAT SMELL *swoons)

A large bunch of baby spinach (also chopped)

1-2 Zucchini, sliced

1-2 Yellow squash, sliced

Salt and pepper

Parmesan (optional, I didn’t have any on hand for the batch in the picture)


Make the noodles according to the package. While that’s going, melt the butter in a skillet. Reduce the heat to low and add the onion and garlic. Sip a little wine while you wait for them to become fragrant. You’re not in a hurry.

When the onions and garlic are fragrant, take a deep breath through your nose (smells heavenly, right?), and then add the basil and spinach. Take another deep breath. Your olfactory sense should now be in a heightened state of nirvana.

Toss the squash on top and add a little salt. Cover with a lid and let all those veggies get nice and soft (but not overcooked or the squash will get slimy). Sip a little more wine if you’re feeling impatient.

Once the veggies are all as cooked as you want them to be, add the pasta and toss. You can add a little more butter now if you want, or top with cheese. Let it set for a few minutes and voila! Food for your belly that makes your mouth happy.