“No harm done,” she grinned, sliding across the seat next to him. Donning her mortarboard in a goofy, crooked fashion, she pulled his arm around her shoulders and grabbed the camera. She was close enough now for him to see the light sheen of sweat on her neck, and to smell the soft scent of her skin…and in the space of that brief moment Brig’s heart became a living definition of ‘internal combustion’.

“Smile,” she commanded, holding the camera out from them, snapping a picture. After taking a moment to approve the image, she returned it to him. “There. Moment captured.” She slid away a bit, but his heartbeat refused to return to its normal rhythm. He drew in a deep breath, silently counting to five as he willed his pulse to slow down.

•••••   •••••   •••••

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Happy Day After Christmas!

Our holiday celebrations were short, peaceful, and lovely. The Hubster didn’t get a lot of time off, but the time we had together as a family was fun and refreshing. Full of joy and laughter and fun. Just right.

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I’m off to enjoy the day with my kiddos. Hope your day-after-Christmas is lovely and fun.