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what i am not doingIn just about a month, BAM! 

Summer will be here.

The kids will be out of school, the pools will open again, bedtimes will be extended (or forgone completely), and we will bask – oh how we will bask! – in the rays of a summer sun that remembers how to be warm (looking at you winter sun. Seriously. You could have dialed the chill back a notch or two this winter).

Every summer each and every one of us has a list of things we look forward to doing: reading more, soaking up as much vitamin D as humanly possible, vacations, stay-away camp, star-gazing, blah, blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong – I look forward to that stuff as much as the next gal. But today I want to talk about something different. Today, I want to talk about what I won’t be doing this summer. As in Myndi’s Top Ten List of Not Gonna Do It This Summer

10. I am not going to have a bikini body. And I am NOT going to berate and hate myself for that.

09. I am not going to miss out on a single day of sunshine. I may work inside, but I will not confine myself to my writer’s cave while summer’s days pass by.

08. I am not going to schedule every single living minute of my kids’ time. They are going to be given the gift of childhood ingenuity – the kind that is born from the privilege of boredom. They are going to experience the luxury of long hours of daylight that are begging to be filled up with their own ideas and their own imaginings – not the constant shuttling from one event and practice to the next. They will get to be, simply, kids.

07. I am not going to freak when the kids come inside after a hard day of play, grubby and dirty with ruined clothes. These are the casualties to #8, and a price I am willing to pay.

06. I am not going to, when cherry season arrives, feel guilty for splurging on this expensive treat.

05. I am not going to potty train Alice this summer. If she potty trains herself, that’s another thing.

04. I am not going to panic if I go more than two days without shaving my legs.

03. I am not going to allow my introverted tendencies get in the way of enjoying my friendships.

02. I am not going to be ashamed of forgetting to brush my hair or for skipping makeup or for being perpetually barefoot.

And the #1 thing I am NOT going to do this summer:

01. I am not going to let those three months slip by without grabbing ahold of a couple stolen moments each day. Moments with my kids, with the Hubster, with myself that I can tuck into the folds of my heart and savor when the days return to their shorter, colder selves. 

What kind of things are you not going to do this summer?



A Little Mystery, A Little Creepiness…It’s All Good.

You’ve probably already seen this, BUT



if you haven’t, check it out. Seven minutes might seem a little long, but if you dig mysteries and creepiness (like I do), you will like this. Cross my heart and hope to never have an accidental date with an airplane propeller.

Cool, right?