I’m Lying to You.


Four of these statements are true facts about me. One is a lie. Can you guess which is which?

(1) The house I grew up in was haunted.

(2) In junior high, my best friend was a horse named Nana.

(3) I am often asked when I am due even though I am not pregnant.

(4) I love Little House on the Prairie.

(5) I played Maria von Trapp (poorly, I fear) in our high school production of The Sound of Music.

Tell me your guesses below, and follow along over the next few weeks as I reveal which of these are true, and which one is false!




(This post was inspired by Jess Witkins’s  FIVE TRUTHS AND A LIE post on her blog, JESS WITKINS’S HAPPINESS PROJECT. If you haven’t checked her out, you should, immediately. She is a lovely, hilarious, sweet person, and her blog is worth every minute you spend there.)



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