[FALSE] I Love Little House on the Prairie

trueorfalseI don’t remember what I wanted to watch on our TV after school, but I do remember – OH! do I remember – not wanting to watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie.

Looking back, it doesn’t make sense. I was a farm girl. I loved the prairie and farm life. I loved stories that featured headstrong girls (hello, Laura much?). But I hated watching LHotP.

Maybe it was because my sister loved it. She and I didn’t have the best track record for getting along back then, and it wouldn’t be unheard of for one of us to dislike a thing simply to spite the other. I certainly wasn’t above that kind of behavior.

Maybe it was because there were no magical powers. If Laura had maybe been able to summon fairies, or if Nelly perhaps harbored a secret pair of demons in those perfect ringlets, I would have been more interested.

Do you have any thoughts about Little House on the Prairie? What after-school reruns made you want to bang your head against the wall when you were a kid?

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