SO MUCH WIN: Sisters, bro.

My very very very most totally favorite Christmas movie. Ever.



SO MUCH WIN: If someone gives you the finger, they just might be hungry.



SO MUCH WIN: Trust Fall Fail

Oh, lord, it’s like watching myself. I was so this kid.

Nope. Not true. I’m still this person.

I blame team-building exercises like this for my weird brand of introvertism (my computer tells me that’s not a word, but what does it know?). I learned early on in my summer camp experiences that it was best to fake stomach cramps and disappear in the bathroom for an hour during team-building exercise time. To stick around meant I would (not I could, not I might, it was definite) make an idiot out of myself.

Listen to me, girl-child: Team-building exercises are a trap. A trap, I say!