happy birthday


happy birthdayToday marks the start of my 34th year. *blows noisemaker* *throws confetti* Isn’t it fantastic?

Because it’s my birthday, and because every birthday needs presents, I’m giving away eCopies of Shrilugh, just for today! You can pick up a copy for yourself (or to give as a gift) at Smashwords (click this link) using this coupon code:¬†LS82D (Smashwords has every eBook format option available. Just choose the format right for your eReader, computer, or phone; download, and sync. Easy-peasy!)

Now, someone tell me – where’s the cake?

Big love,


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35 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

  1. This will be my first foray into the Kindle world! I have been resisting for so long, as I love, love, love my books. I’ve had the app forever without using it. But stories like this have tempted me, and since you’re giving it away I HAVE to try it. Thanks for pushing me over the edge into the new reading reality.

  2. Happy birthday! What a wonderful thing that I’m getting on a gift on your special day. Your book has been on my TBR list, but now I’ll have it on my ereader ready to go. Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday, Myndi! You’re still a whippersnapper! How sweet of you to give away copies of your book to celebrate! What a great gift! I already read it, loved it, and left a review, and am waiting for Book 2! Love your writing, girl!

  4. Happy Birthday, Myndi and thanks for the gift. I already have your book waiting patiently on my Kindle so I’m going to regift it to my granddaughter who is away at university! I know she will love it! How was the cake?

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