LETTERS FROM MYNNIESUE: To the Person who found my blog searching for BAD MOOD GO AWAY:

I hope your bad mood went away.

I really do.

Just in case it didn’t, and you somehow find your way back to Blogging Barefoot, here are some things that make me smile.  Maybe they’ll help to brighten your day, too.


Nathan Fillion telling me I’m totally rocking the Gryffindor t-shirt I’m wearing, in spite of the fact that I’m a 33 year old mother of four?  Yeah.  Big ol’ fat goofy grin on my face.

Making fun of somebody else’s bad grammar?  *giggle, snort*  Yes, please.

I tried like heck to find the right link for this photo, but came up dry…

Dweebs holding chubby bunnies, wearing funny tin-foil hats in preparation for the coming alien apocalypse?  I’m LOLing all over the place here, people.

…and tiny veggies, to-boot!

Tiny animals dressed up as other tiny animals?  C’mon, you know you wanna smile.

And of course, nothing brings a smile to my face like a Chuck Norris smack-down from a bad-ass mother figure.

I suppose there’s no way of knowing if any of these things bring a smile to your face the way they do mine, but I hope they help at least a little.

Lots of love,


p.s.  If they did (or, perhaps if they didn’t) help to chase away your blues, check out my Pinterest boards *giggle, snort*, What Am I Looking Atand So Cute I Just Might Die.  

10 thoughts on “LETTERS FROM MYNNIESUE: To the Person who found my blog searching for BAD MOOD GO AWAY:

  1. Marcy Kennedy says:

    I will admit it. Little furry animals dressed up like other little furry animals totally make me grin like an idiot. You know that commercial where other animals try to dress like the Cadbury bunny…yeah, it’s just sad how that still makes me smile.

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