Weatherman Quick Giggle,

Take Two,



(around :20 he really starts to freak)

(This one’s for you, T-Man.)

For more Quick Giggles, visit my *GIGGLE, SNORT* and WHAT AM I LOOKING AT? Pinterest boards.

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19 thoughts on “QUICK GIGGLE: Oh, boy…

  1. Bwaahaaaa!! Thanks for the morning laugh! I’m from Baltimore, where they are notorious for getting the weather incorrect ~ but even if he was wrong, I would totally watch this guy, lol.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hilarious! He should live in Buffalo, NY. Then he’s really have something to freak out about. It’s the freakin’ apocalypse! Oh boy! :) Thanks for the grins, Myndi!

  3. Ahahahaahaaa! He seems so, um, sleepy at first then he gets all freaky crazy! 14-22 inches of SNOOOOOOOWWWW. And he throws in the word tertiary. He’s awesome.

    Thanks for the great laugh! Oh, boy.

  4. Okay, he was very animated! Wow. LOL Myndi!

    Btw, how are you and baby Alice doing? And I should ask about the rest of your brew. I’m sending you a big hug! Enjoy that baby girl! :)

  5. HAhahaha. “It turns to BLACK ICE!” “Tertiary problem (yeah I’ve been reading the dictionary)” hahaha! I love him.

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